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Heavy Duty Cigarette Lighter Plug with 4mm Binding Post
Heavy Duty Cigarette Lighter Plug with 4mm...
This cigarette lighter plug to binding post / 4mm banana jack adapter allows you to easily connect bare wire (up to 12AWG), or banana lead jumpers to a 12VDC Automotive Cigarette Lighter outlet. This plug includes a 10A 3AG Glass fuse....
$27.50 *
ED 41
Station and mobile - Speaker ED 41, ED 41F, ED 41V
For stationary or mobile use 6 W A compact speaker in a robust plastic case with metal front grille. It can be used as a station loudspeaker, in PA systems or in mobile operation. It is supplied together with the support bracket. The...
From $31.90 *
NEU PTT-Handtaster
NEU PTT-Handtaster
PTT-Handtaster im robusten Metallgehäuse für die PTT-Steuerung Bei der Verwendung eines Headsets oder einer Mikrofon-Kopfhörerkombination wie z. B. ED 6c wird die Sende-/Empfangs- umschaltung durch die im Transceiver eingebaute VOX oder...
$35.75 *
Shure Model 450 Series II
Shure Tischmikrofon 450 Series II
Das Shure Modell 450 Series II ist eine dynamisches Hochleistungsm ikrofon direkt für Sprechfunk konzipiert. Das extrem robuste Mikrofon verfügt über eine Rundstrahlcharakteristik und einen zugeschnitten Frequenzgang für optimale...
From $247.50 *
Antennenumschalter ED 73AT
Antenna and transceiver switch ED 73AT
Antenna switch for 2 transceivers and 2 antennas High frequency - dual - switch 2 transceivers to 2 different antennas. Handheld radio or transceiver switchable, Yagi or ground plane. Beam or wire dipole switchable, quick, easy, but...
$170.50 * $196.90 *
Headphone ED 5
Headphone ED 5
Stereo Kopfhörer Um die Empfangsleistung eines guten Empfängers oder Transceivers weiterzuleiten oder umzusetzen ist der Anschluss eines sehr guten Kopfhörers erforderlich. Mit dem hier abgebildeten Stereo-Kopfhörer ist die gewünschte...
$19.25 * $27.50 *
ED 2 Deluxe desk microphone
ED 2 Deluxe desk microphone
Many microphones we've been testing. A very good, clear, understandable, and round modulation was desired. Connection to every microphone socket and a high NF-output voltage we expected. Elegance, a high output voltage and the special...
$71.50 * $75.90 *
ARDF Kopfhörer
Neckband sports headphones for ARDF, SOTA, GMA
Neckband sports headphones for ARDF, SOTA, GMA The light and sporty headphones by SoundLAB has been designed with care and active users as consultants. In addition to a flexible, ergonomic neckband, which is designed to be worn behind...
$10.95 * $16.45 *
DC Kabel Yaesu
DC cable for various Yaesu mobile radios
DC power cable for various Yaesu radios Cable: 2.5mm² Length: 3 m Fuse: 15A e.g. FT-2200, 2500M , 2800M , 5100 , 8000 , 8100 , 8500 , 7800 , 7900
$15.95 *
Microphone switch ED 1
Microphone switch ED 1
Simply switch back and forth as you like. No tedious replugging anymore. One favorite microphone for 2 or 3 transceivers. More space on the station desk. Specifications: Switching between: Mic-NF, Gnd, PTT, up/down Power supply: via...
$91.30 *
Connection cables for microphones ED 508 and ED 908
Connection cables for microphones ED 508 and ED...
for ED 908, ED 508 Cable length: about 1.2 m Please choose your transceiver type above!
From $27.50 *
Mikrofonverlängerung mit Runanschluss 8 polig
Microphone - extension cable RJ45 or round
Flexible shielded extension cable for microphone with RJ45 or 8-pin round plug. Cable length: 5 m Please choose appropriate cable above.
$32.89 *
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