ICOM Abstimmautomatik

ICOM Abstimmautomatik
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IC 706, 703, 7000, 756 - tuning aid The convenient tuning and measurement aid for... more
Product information "ICOM Abstimmautomatik"

IC 706, 703, 7000, 756 - tuning aid

The convenient tuning and measurement aid for your Icom transceiver

Ideal for convenient tuning of the antenna tuner, KW amplifier, control receiver, RF power meter .....
All radio bands up to 6 m.
Automatic power reduction to 10 W with NF-tone (CW).
Simple connection to the 4 pole, flat antenna tuner socket.
Dim. 26x 45x 11 mm (WxDxH)
Compact plug, with connection description

Functional sequence of the auto tuning with the Icom transceiver IC 706 ...

The transceiver (706, 703, 7000, 756) is switched off!
Insert the ED tuning aid into the 4-pole, flat socket for the antenna tuner, on the back of the transceiver.
Turn on the transceiver (press „Power").

Auto tuning - control:
Briefly press the PTT key once. Auto tuning will turn on. The LED (TUNER/CALL) flashes. Transmitter is switched on. A 10 W strong RF signal is transmitted. Briefly press the TUNER button. The auto tuning is turned off.

Press the „TUNER/CALL" button. Automatically a 10 W continuous signal with a sidetone is switched on in CW mode. The red LED flashes.
After about 8 seconds the tuning process is switched off again.
If the red LED is lit permanently - then briefly press the TUNER/CALL button twice.
In the flashing period the automatic is immediately switched off by pressing the TUNER/CALL button.
If the red LED is continuously lit up and a radio band change is made, the TUNER/CALL button should be immediately pressed again briefly or the tuning process can already begin.

During a radio band change the red TUNER/CALL LED should be off.
During the tuning phase, the PTT button has no effect.
When pressing the TUNER/CALL button in the 2 m and 70 cm band, the switch over to the C-channel is performed as usual.
Please also check the menu setting "PTT tune" for the above operations for your 706, 703, 7000, 756.
Only connect or disconnect the ED tuning aid, when the transceiver is switched off.

For the IC 7000, the behavior of the transceiver described above differs slightly.

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