Antenna and transceiver switch ED 73AT

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Antenna switch for 2 transceivers and 2 antennas High frequency - dual - switch 2... more
Product information "Antenna and transceiver switch ED 73AT"

Antenna switch for 2 transceivers and 2 antennas
High frequency - dual - switch

2 transceivers to 2 different antennas. Handheld radio or transceiver switchable, Yagi or ground plane. Beam or wire dipole switchable, quick, easy, but without loss to transceiver A or B. Which antenna is better?

All this is no problem for the high-frequency dual-switch.

In the design, special emphasis was placed on:

- a low V.S.W.R.
- high crosstalk attenuation
- low insertion loss
- and high transmission performance up to 430 MHz

For the flexible switching an electronic controller is installed. Thus a manual or electronic switching of the receiver/transceiver input is possible without any problems.

With this dual HF switch many antenna connection problems may now be easily solved. This also eliminates the annoying, cumbersome and time-consuming replugging of connecting cables.

As DX, EME and also as a relay or OSCAR operator as well as in the laboratory one will very quickly recognize and appreciate the inestimable value of this indispensable RF switch.

Connection of the HF dual-switch:

The antenna input sockets N or PL "Ant 1" and "Ant 2" are connected to the antenna cables. The transceiver input sockets "T1" and "T2" are connected to the transceiver via an optionally available connection cable. The device is powered via a DC socket with voltage(7 - 15 VDC). Furthermore, there is an external PTT control which can be connected via a 3.5 mm jack socket. A front panel switch can be used to select whereupon the PTT is to respond, e.g. on switching of the transceivers or the antennas. The manual switching is done via another front toggle switch, a visual indication serves as a control.

Until now it was only possible to connect one transceiver to two or more antennas.

New about the antenna switch ED 73AT is, that it can switch two separate transceivers to two different antennas.The device is available with the input sockets N or PL, thereby this switch is even more versatile.
By the elegance of the housing the switch can be put directly on the precious transceiver or receiver and by the proximity be used even more frequently.
Particularly impressive are the dual technology, the wide frequency range and the high resilience of up to 650 watts. The use of the switch when testing different transceivers at different antennas becomes indispensable very quickly. Already after a short while it becomes apparent that the transceivers and antennas are more often used by the convenient and easy switching and therefore the QSO working is even more fun.

Just give the switch a try!

No replugging anymore! Immediately, the right antenna!

"Or is it the other antenna?"

Does it work with the small transceiver to Down Under? - Very fast QSY!
and much more ...

With the help of an electronic control by PTT this versatile antenna switch can also be used as a transmit-receive relay, e.g. in EME- and transverter operation.

The antenna switch is available in two variants, with PL sockets or with N sockets. Please select the appropriate socket type on the top of this page when purchasing.

Technical data:

Transmission power: 1,8 - 30 MHz at 650W PEP
  144 MHz at 100W PEP
  430 MHz at 75W PEP
Frequency range: 0 - 450 MHz
Insertion loss: 0,07 dB at 30 MHz
  0,08 dB at 145 MHz
  1,26 dB at 435 MHz
Crosstalk attenuation: > 51 dB at 30 MHz
  > 32 dB at 145 MHz
  > 25 dB at 435 MHz
Connection impedance: 50 ohms (for variant with N sockets)
Antenna and transceiver port: variants with PL or N sockets (option)
Operating voltage: 7 - 15 VDC
Power consumption: 1.6 watts
Housing: aluminium housing, black, anodized
Dimensions: 160 x 165 x 45 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: about 700 g
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