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Antennenumschalter ED 73AT
Antenna and transceiver switch ED 73AT
Antenna switch for 2 transceivers and 2 antennas High frequency - dual - switch 2 transceivers to 2 different antennas. Handheld radio or transceiver switchable, Yagi or ground plane. Beam or wire dipole switchable, quick, easy, but...
$163.90 * $196.90 *
DX vacation antenna ED HF3B
DX vacation antenna ED HF3B
DX vacation antenna 3B for the 40, 20 and 15 m band Transmit / receive antenna L ightweight, unobtrusive, small, compact, ready to use and very effective is this complete antenna. This multi-band/vacation antenna is the result of many...
$52.80 * $75.90 *