About us

That's our goal:

For your technical problems in the low and high frequency technology we offer you solutions as tested modules or devices. We are successful as a crafting and industrial company in the areas of communications and measurement technology with very interesting and progressive ideas at home and abroad since 01/09/1990. Networking with the help of small devices, adapters and special connecting cables between computer and radio equipment as well as accessories for radio stations is our specialty. For easy and quick networking, we got the suitable cables and different devices / interfaces, taking the different input and output conditions into account. In particular, we have specialized in the problems between radio equipment and computers. We also solve the connection problems with microphones, speakers, computer sound cards, recorders / players and so on. Decoupling, adaptation, conversion, transformation, connecting and switching in the frequency range from 0 to 1 GHz is in the area of our experience. Do you want to solve your problems in this area in a simple, fast, clear and reliable way - just call us without obligation or describe us your new project via fax or in a short e-mail.

We have sympathy for your connections - and will help you.